Senior Care Health Advocates Provide:
In-Home Assessments
Your healthcare advocate will meet with client /family members in their home setting. It is valuable to see the environment where the client lives in order to perform a more holistic assessment and to evaluate safety issues. We will also meet with clients/families in the office at their request.

Personalized Care Planning

A care plan is a map to provide guidance, benchmark improvements and offer safe, consistent services. It is fluid and dynamic, adjusting as life's tides change. We create a personalized client/family centered care plan that recognizes the uniqueness of individual needs.

Family Caregiver Education
“In your thirst for knowledge, be sure not to drown in all the information”.
Anthony J. D'Angelo  [Author]
​We provide education to empower clients/families by addressing their unique priorities, perceptions and values. We identify and respond to their preferences and concerns providing research-based education to enhance understanding, promote safe outcomes, and support optimal quality of life.

Family Caregiver Training 
Many family members find themselves in the role of caregiver requiring a relationship shift from caring about someone to caring for someone. There are many support groups available but the actual skills needed for your caregiving are unique to you and your loved one.

Care Monitoring
Your healthcare advocate will provide ongoing oversight of care and progression of your loved one. Your advocate works closely with your other professional healthcare providers in all settings upon request. We oversee your family members comfort and safety.

Senior Fitness

No matter how old we are, fitness is essential for the mind, body and soul.  Senior group fitness classes and individualized programs help seniors to improve their balance, strength and mobility in a fun, kind and compassionate way.  This program provides seniors a sense of community,

accomplishment and well-being.

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